Sell Bitcoin to paypal usd Suddenly After Filling $10K ‘Halving Dump’ Futures Gap

A return to five figures was fleeting as Bitcoin filled the largest CME futures gap ever, erasing last weekend’s 15% crash. Bitcoin (BTC) price briefly returned to $10,000 on May 14 as a fresh spectacular bullish surge entirely canceled out its weekend crash.

Resistance levels in the $9,000 corridor quickly fell as momentum built to send Bitcoin back to its position from last week. Crypto derivatives platform launched a new external custody solution designed to reduce auto-deleveraging risks amid tumultuous markets.

After reaching just below $10,000, a retracement took markets to press-time levels of $9,700 within minutes.

As reported earlier, the moves are independent of other macro assets, indicating that Bitcoin is increasingly “decoupling” from external market influences.

A regular event for BTC/USD, the price maneuvering to cover gaps between weekly trading sessions was the likely culprit for volatility on the day.

“Based on the 4h chart, the CME gap is filled. This caused a significant drop of $400 convert bitcoin to dollars, but also a nice trading range. Lows; $8,250-8,400 / $8,600 Highs; $9,800-10,100,” he summarized on Twitter.

No post-halving dump. The dump occurred before the halving. Bitcoin could be in a bull market